Is It Really Good to Have the Colon Cleansed?

The colon is the main part of our digestive system of the body. All the foods that we have eaten and its waste will stay inside the colon before it will be flushed out. Waste should be washed out from the body to have a healthy digestive system. It is known that there are a lot of people that is experiencing digestive problems and other colon disorder and the most dreaded of all is cancer. So what are the ways to lessen and to prevent colon problems?

Colon cleansing is also known as colon therapy. Cleansing the colon is intended to remove all the waste, feces and other present toxins inside the body. From removing all the waste it will make the body very healthy and free from toxins that can cause other health problems. Toxins are very harmful for the body because these are substances that can be found inside our system that are poisonous and that can even cause different diseases, not only that it also mess up the absorption of essential nutrients that we get from the food we eat as well as the metabolism is also affected if our digestive is clogged up. Continue reading

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Defining the Relationship Between Caffeine and Heartburn

Can caffeine cause heartburn? Yes! It is indeed one of the main factors that trigger an acidic stomach or gastro esophageal reflux disease. For example, caffeine is found in coffee which can decrease the pressure in the lower esophageal sphincter causing gastro esophageal reflux. Coffee is highly acidic which can increase the stimulation of hypersecretion gastric acids. It can also elevate the stress hormones such as cortisol, epinephrine and norepinephrine. Caffeine can suppress the immune system function by chronic level of stress hormones in which the bacteria helicobacter pylori can thrive in the stomach and cause ulcers. Continue reading

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Natural Relief from Heartburn

Heartburn has nothing to do with your heart. It has something to do with your digestive problem. It happens when the acids produced by the stomach goes up and stays in esophagus and causes severe pain in the chest.

Technically, there are several causes of heartburn; some of the causes can only be treated by a medical professional. If your heartburn is severe and persistent, then it is best to seek professional help. However, there are several practical and simple ways to have natural relief from heartburn. Continue reading

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Essential Baby Gift Basket Ideas to Choose From

Making a plan in hosting for baby shower? Or maybe a friend just newly gave birth to a very healthful little baby. How should you make your friend feel that you care for her and her little baby? A gift basket for the baby might be the best gift that you could give and make her feel you really care.

A gift basket for the baby is one of the most popular gift baskets that are given, filled with items that are really valuable to the one receiving it. Most times, these gift baskets with those items enclosed greatly delights the new parenting couple and to their newborn infant. You could use this idea to do create or invent your own gift basket for the baby avoiding more expense than the usual gift packs. Continue reading

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Recommended Nutrients for First Trimester Pregnancy

Proper nutrition is very important for every person most especially if you are a woman nurturing a baby inside the womb. The first trimester of pregnancy is the most important part of pregnancy for the mother and of course the baby. This is the formative stage of the baby inside the womb of the mother; perhaps the most sensitive and most significant part of pregnancy. Everybody is excited to know that an angel is on the way and everyone just want to make sure that the mother is getting all the she needs and wants especially when it comes to nutrition. Continue reading

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Acupressure As A Way of Reducing Weight

Energy therapy matters, not only in medical aspects but in simply losing weight. This whether for health purposes or you just want to be sexy! Recently, there is a discovery in the field of ‘energy therapy’ wherein it is being applied in losing weight. Overweight people use a simple acupressure or the so called “tapping” method. It is applied on the spot on the body and it turned out to stop emotionally based overeating quickly and painlessly, without the use of any medications. Continue reading

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